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Bring your

sound track

to the

next level!

s.i. audio is a one-stop shop for everything audio!

Location sound

It all starts here! Wether in the studio, in an apartment or out in the wild, having good location sound is essential to your project. We have the means and skills to make the most out of every situation.

VO | ADR | Dubbing

Sometimes the story telling asks for voice overs, or maybe you want to do radio advertising. We got you covered! We also do dialog replacement (ADR) and vo translations. We can also do it remotely.


Tube Microphone in Studio
Denoising and restauration

Even with everyone's best efforts sometimes the world is just a noisy place. Our specialized tools enable us to get rid of those nasty rackets. Send us your files and we will get them cleaned up!


Sound design

Let us create the soundscape that will give your project a definitive edge. We have tons of sound effects and the creativity to get your project to the next level!


Need original music? Or maybe you just want to license a track? We will help you find the right music to express your vision.


Mix | Rerecording

This is it, the final stage. Where everything gets blended into a comprehensive and imaginative mix. Let us help you better tell your story. Stereo, Web, 5.1, 7.1 and soon Dolby Atmos! 


Mixer Keys 3

Need video editing? Visit our partners @ VideoMomentum!


Dedicated to sound! Since our creation in 2000, we worked on countless projects of advertising,  tv shows, museum expos, consultations, corporate videos, live events, documentaries, movies etc. 

We are proud to lend ourselves to your project, big or small!


1956 avenue des Érables Montréal, Qc, h2k 3v2  Tel: 514-525-0100


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